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What we are...

ACTL is a graduate school in theoretical linguistics. We organise and coordinate a generic training program for PhD students in Linguistics [current 14-15 program]. ACTL is aimed primarily – but not exclusively – at graduate students in the South-East. The school was founded in 2004 with a two-year start-up grant from the AHRC, but is now jointly funded by Cambridge, Oxford University, the University of Kent, Queen Mary University of London, SOAS, and UCL. The financial support of these institutions is hereby gratefully acknowledged.

Our program for 2014-2015 will consist of courses in syntax, semantics, and a third topic. The program is split into two halves. There are classes of a somewhat more introductury nature in term 1, where each one and a half hour lecture is complemented by a one-hour tutorial taught a week later. There will also be a summer school June 22-26 2015. The summer school is open not only to first year Ph.D. students but to all Ph.D. students, Masters students and comparable, and finalists in linguistics BA programs.

PhD students wishing to participate register for the full program and undertake to attend all lectures and tutorials. Students should expect to have to devote 24 full days to the ACTL course. Of these, 12 are spent going to classes and a further 12 on reading and exercises. The course is evaluated on a pass/fail basis through continuous assessment and students are sent a transcript on successful completion of the course.

Contact us now...

Our eigth series of lectures and tutorials will be offered during the autumn of 2013 and summer of 2014.

At the following link you can take a look at the program. Details about the summer school will be made available in due course. More information about course details, slides, etc. will be published here as they become available.

We are open for registration. [more details...]


TA positions with ACTL

Are you an advanced research student and interested in teach ACTL tutorials? ACTL maintain a pool of interested students from which TAs are selected on an an "as and when required" basis. [more details...]


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